Evergreen Funnels

Collect Evergreen Passive Income from Sources Inside Your Current Funnels & Websites

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World-Class Automated Revenue Generation System

Building High-Converting Sales Funnels is Simple with our Exclusive Tactics & Strategies. But why stop there? Why not just collect the Passive Income from Sources already inside your sales funnels?

  • Everyone who earns Online could be making significantly more profits with virtually no additional work required.

  • Digital Entrepreneurs and Marketing Professionals are totally unaware that their Sales Funnels, Websites and Blogs are LOADED with Evergreen Sources of Uncollected, Lucrative Passive Income available from sources currently just sitting inside your web properties, collecting dust while waiting for you to monetized and capture it.
  • The Passive Income that we will teach you how to find the "Low-Hanging" Easy to Collect Passive Income that must Always be Collected. If not you are Leaving Thousands of Dollars Behind for No Reason,
  • If you have gone through the trouble of publishing your Websites, Blogs or Sales Funnels then it is business suicide not to have automated collection of the easiest money in your properties.
  • The hardest part is knowing where the Passive Income is, Identifying it and automating the collection of it. All of these steps are organized in a step by step format and are not difficult to quickly implement and do not require additional work from you once setup.

The best part about this as of now still uncollected income in your website, funnels or blogs is that the sources of Passive Income are Evergreen and add up very quickly.

Depending on the amount of money you funnels are currently making, you can very realistically 2x-5x that amount once you have automated the collection of this untapped Passive Income. dssdt is evergreen sources of revenue that is extremely easy to automated. Once your quick initial identification of the passive income and its automation, you can basically "set and forget" as the streams of passive income continue to pour into your payment processors as long as the website, blog or funnel remains live.

These evergreen streams of Passive Revenue are surprisingly lucrative and the extra money you will collect from your current web properties will surprise you how quickly they add up, especially if you have several online properties - making you wonder, "Why Have I Not Done This Sooner?"

You have gone through the trouble of making the Sales Funnels, Websites or Blogs and are in this business to make a profit. Hence, why keep leaving evergreen money, revenue that is effortlessly collected using our blueprint for automation, slip through your fingers only to be left uncollected on the table behind.

If you had the ability to 2X-5X your collected revenue from your Sales Funnel or Website Profits with virtually no additional work, expenses or resources required to spent to keep the funnel's evergreen profits coming in son a consistent and/or dependable basis.

Why Learn Online?

STOP LETTING YOUR PROFITS SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS! Capture all Profits, especially the Unused Passive Income Opportunities that you haven't set up that are currently just sitting inside your Sales Funnels.

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Evergreen Funnels

Collect Evergreen Passive Income from Sources Inside Your Current Funnels & Websites

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Big Picture:

  • How to Earn 2x-5x more in Your Current Sales Funnels & Blogs by Capturing Evergreen Passive (Autopilot) Revenue from Sources Already Sitting Inside Your Various Online Properties,

  • How to Add Lucrative Evergreen Passive Income to Your Funnels, Websites, Blogs & Email Campaigns


This Incredible “Profit Accelerating” System Provides You with the Holy Grail of Online Sales: Evergreen Passive Income. Meaning- You are running your Funnels and Websites Anyway, Why Not Squeeze Substantially More Revenue from them...Especially Since it’s a Set-and-Forget set up allowing you to Exponentially Scale

  • What Passive Income is, and what it isn't, as well as why collecting Passive Income is so necessary in any Online Business
  • How to ensure you are never simply trading your time for money. For example, if you take one hour to do something and you are only paid for that one hour. With Passive Income, you use Automation to Earn Evergreen Revenue from Many Different Diverse sources, increasing your profit levels exponentially,
  • How to Locate the Sources of Evergreen Passive Income Which are Hiding in Plain Sight in Your Sales Funnels, Websites & Blogs, and how each Different Pages are Properly Monetized with the highest amount of Return Possible traditionally be monetized in Blogs,
  • How to Identify Passive Income Sources that can be Added to Your Funnels, Websites & Blogs which can be Easily Automated into Streams of Automated Evergreen Profits,
  • How to Properly Automate the Source of Passive Revenue Inside your various Web Properties so that No Additional Work is Required of You Once Initial Setup is Completed so it is Constantly Pushing Autopilot Profits into Your Payment Processors,

Your Instructor

Aiden Sawyer, Esq.
Aiden Sawyer, Esq.

Aiden Sawyer, Esq. is one of the top 'Underground' Marketing Professionals in the world, working with everything from Nine Inch Nails to Tesla Motors. Mr. Sawyer was called, "the Midas Kid" by LA Times due to his seemingly perfect run of success across a wide spectrum of law, business, digital entrepreneurial projects, Nightclubs and Public Relations. Mr. Sawyer is a Yale University graduate and graduated top of his class at USC School of Law.

Aiden Sawyer has been awarded with dozens of the most prestigious awards and distinctions available. is a Digital Marketing & Funnel Building Pioneer who has created hundreds of Clickfunnels Funnels and is widely considered a top authority in Sales Funnels, Niche Selection & Promotion of Funnels for some of the largest ROI ever seen.

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"If you are serious about earning money online, this is a huge eye opener. I was able to implement their program into my own sales funnels and Blog using their step-by step system. Once I was done I wanted to slap myself when I realized how much money I was leaving behind on every sale. Now, I have doubled my revenue without additional work once the initial setup was completed. I wish it was all this easy. Must Have if the idea of leaving your money behind makes your skin crawl."

- Andrew Demsey, Serial Entrepreneur, Million Dollar Earning Digital Marketer and former Google Executive

"So simple that it is amazing that everyone missed the massive passive income opportunities already inside their funnels and web properties. If you leave this kind of revenue behind when it is so easy to collect it using automation, you are probably not going to survive this business. We must collect all available money while not giving away a large portion that basically belongs to us. Trust me when I say this program paid for itself in the first week of implantation."

- Jason Yockey, Serial Entrepreneur, Multi-Million Dollar Earning Product Creation

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Will This System Work with Clickfunnels, OptimizePress, LeadPages and all other Funnel Makers?
Yes. Our Exclusive System Works with All 3rd Party Funnel Page Makers.

Get This Incredibly Powerful & Relatively SImple to Implement Method of Earning Passive Income after a relativly short, inital setup process, with no more work required...ever...

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