Artificial Intellegence use for Generating Passive Income

Artificial Intelligence, (also referred to as "AI") has popped up in some pretty unusual, or at least, unexpected places in its infancy.

Some people who wear tinfoil hats are of the opinion think AI will mirror the story in Terminator, and will be the death of all of mankind.

On the flip side of the same coin, many smart people are convinced that Artificial intelligence is something to earn money with.

Artificial Intelligence's Role in Passive Income Generation

Specifically, Artificial Intelligence is already proving itself as something that can be a gateway to the Generation of Passive Income across several different niches or vertices.

As we slowly inch down the spectrum towards full AI Integration, you can see signs of AI already in Marketing Automation and Email Autoresponder Campaigns and in Sales Funnels that are being used for the collection of Passive Income, while still maintaining its primary purpose of selling its current product and/or services.

It's pretty incredible when you look back to just a few short years (or even months) ago and see how far AI has come is such a short time.

Email Autoresponder Campaigns is one of the most applied AI uses in Online Revenue Generation and is a cutting-edge example of how Professional Marketers or Digital Entrepreneurs are getting "help" from AI, as much of the tasks we used to have to do ourselves is now able to be easily automated.

Passive Income Investment 'Bots - Powered by AI

Some examples of actual circumstances of automation that may fall upon the spectrum of artificial intelligence (again just falling on the spectrum) are:

  1. Forex Investment Robots,
  2. Sports Investments Bots,
  3. Real Estate Sales/Investments Bots,
  4. Affiliate Marketing automation, and;
  5. Email Autoresponder Campaigns.

How Artificial Intelligence Makes Accurate Market Predictions

The above-referenced AI uses all basically involve the basic premise that if you are able to review some action or transaction long enough, that action or transaction can become predictable.

When you have a long-enough timeline to reference the behavior of something, its particular historical reactions when put in the same situations can serve as an insight into how it will behave, as "history will repeat itself.'

This leaves the door open for the use of complex algorithms and high-level equations to help accurately predict a behavior or desired pattern of behavior and will basically run itself in the form of Marketing Automation, Autoresponders and various Marketing/Sales Bot forms.

These entities have made some very flashy winning percentages and can significantly tip the scales in favor of the Investor or Digital Entrepreneur, where as before they had only their intuition to guide them, now they have AI.


While AI has has some impressive predictions rates and accuracy percentages, the overall king of the accurate AI Investment predictions is in the world of Sports Investment.

Just as regular "bartenders" are now being rebranded and called "Cocktail Mixologists," the once seedy world of betting and bookies has transformed has given itself a makeover into a much more respectable way to make money.

Now "gambling" has become "Sports Investing," and does not bear the same stigma that it once did.

With the ever increasing help of AI over the last 9 years, Sports Investment Bots are able to predict wins and losses with an historic 87.65% accuracy rate.

This means that you can use Sports Investment Bots to accurately predict any "sport investment" with virtually certainty, and that accuracy rating will continue to rise as AI continues to evolve and new innovations come into play in the overall equations relied upon.

Think about it, what other investments generate passive income a staggering 87.65% of the time?

The fact that over the last 9 years, the Sports Investment Bots have averaged 87.65% accuracy is big enough, that even the most cynical investors has to take notice and ask themselves why they are not diversified into the relatively simple market to penetrate for a piece of that 87.65% accuracy rates for themselves.

Sport Investing: Next Big Trend in Passive Revenue Generation?

Many experts have predicted that anything with a 87.65% degree of accuracy, along with the continued maturation of Artificial Intelligence and the continued move towards mobile consumer usage which is introducing more and more people to the internet is a perfect storm for Sports Investing to become the next big trend in Automation and passive income generation.


Like anything, there are good and reputable sports investment opportunities, but you must do you due diligence and ensure that you are not being cheated or defrauded.

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This is the most accurate of all the highly secretive & complex algorithms involved in Sports Investments.